A website is becoming more and more indispensable as a component of successful business. Annual growth rate of web pages continues to amaze. As this expands it is becoming vitally important for a site to be visually exciting as well as providing your existing & prospective customers with your list of products and services.

Whether you’re large or small, own a popcorn factory or an investment firm, Spicy Creatives is the website design and development firm for you. Our dynamic web page development, custom streamlined designs, and intuitive navigation will catch the eyes of your visual clients and the attention of your computer savvy ones. We can provide SEO website design friendly pages, web design development, web software development, and even easy-to-use e-commerce shopping carts! We can help your company keep up to date with the latest technology trends without breaking a sweat (that is unless you need it within 24 hrs).

Brochure/Catalog Websites
Spicy Creatives will help you create a truly distinct and unique online catalog or brochure that makes your clients say, “Wow, I want to work with you.” Consisting of full-color images and copy that will establish your credibility with your clients and increase sales.

E-Commerce Websites
When you sell your product or service online, your store is always open, allowing customers to purchase your product 24/7. You can count on us to collaborate with you to create the successful framework, which can help you make your business more profitable.
As a website design firm, we can create an e-commerce website that’s designed with strategy and objective in mind that will make your business grow faster than a 12-year-old with a summer growth spurt. We design easy-to-navigate e-commerce sites that take advantage of custom shopping cart software and other cutting-edge technology that maximizes efficiency and convenience.

Content Management System (CMS) Websites
Designed to help those who don’t know HTML or other web programming languages, the CMS system is user-friendly and makes routine website changes easily. The CMS framework easily handles text, graphics, catalog, and order processing for e-commerce websites, online project management, and other issues faced by today’s businesses. CMS is your best friend when it comes to managing your website.

Flash Websites
If you feel like your site is missing the dynamism you see on so many other sites, maybe it just needs a little Flash. This type of website can give visitors a more dynamic and interactive web experience.

Mobile Device Websites
With the latest iphones, androids and blackberries, optimizing your website so that it’s mobile friendly is pretty much a necessity these days. Standard websites can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate on mobile devices which means you would be loosing out on a huge market. Urban Geko, a Orange County Web Design firm can help you optimize your current website to take advantage of the large number of visitors using mobile devices and tap into a rapidly expanding market.

Personal Websites
Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide free server space that you can use for a personal website. And while they are perfect for staying in touch with friends and family, sharing photos, or writing a blog, they are not usually suitable for small business use.

Business Blog Websites
Becoming ever more popular among nearly every demographic, blogging gives anyone the ability to write and share information with the world. With more popping up every second, there are tens of millions, if not billions in existence at this very moment. Instantly updatable and easy for even the least technical people, blogs have nearly no associated cost making them accessible to the masses. Nearly as popular as personal blogs, business blogs have been recognized as having a vast amount of potential by helping to connect with existing and potential clients.

The high-quality blog services offered by Spicy Creatives, can help you launch your business’ blog and reach out to your clients. Additionally, we offer help with updating and keywords to maximize search engine results with Google, Yahoo! and MSN. A great new blog can help your company become more visible and attract new business. Design Savy will assess your blogging needs and help guide you in a direction that will fully harness the power of your blog.To find out more on how your business can benefit from our web development solutions, contact us today to request a quote, or email us at info@spicycreatives.com