It’s important to realize that online shoppers buy with their eyes. Since they can not touch, smell or feel the products on your web site. With today’s digital cameras, almost anyone can take a great picture; but professional photography backed by marketing experience of knowing what “sells a product” can simply do so much more for your business… and your online profits! Even the best product will not sell if it is poorly photographed. The photographer must also understand the client’s products, business needs and goals, as well as other important factors required for web photography such as background set up that effect the finishing touches and formatting of the images for the web. All which can effect the overall message being communicated, in turn which effects your sales conversion.

Spicy Creatives studio is complete with a wide range of lenses, seamless backgrounds, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors to capture the ideal shot of your merchandise. And since the studio is portable, we can travel to your showroom or warehouse to photograph your entire product line.

When it comes to commercial photography, only part of the magic happens in the camera. Most product photos greatly benefit from digital enhancement. Our expert retouching services will ensure the product looks flawless, reflection points and shadows are perfectly positioned, and the background is colored, textured or removed, so the ideal image is created.

Our quality within your budget produces value to your sales. If your images look as though they are home grown, then what do your customers think about the quality of your products and company?

Spicy Creatives portrait photographers know the kind of photos required to show your best. Our studio is equipped with wide range of lenses, flash units, softboxes, umbrellas, filters and reflectors – everything we need to make you look fantastic! You’ll see the digital images immediately, ensuring you get exactly what you want. And, if it happens to be a “bad hair day” or something else isn’t perfect, our expert photo retouching skills will make it right.

unconventional images? Contact us to discuss what kind of portrait will work best for you.

A fashion photo shoot, with its dramatic lighting, stunning models and art-directed setting, can make your marketing materials chic – whether you’re promoting an original clothing line, housewares, or your hair salon. Design Savy have the experience and ingenuity needed to capture compelling, high-fashion images. We can breathe life into your concept, or create something new to meet your needs.

Our portable photography equipment allows photo shoots to take in studio or on location. (If you’re a model or actor, we may be able to help you build your portfolio inexpensively – contact us for details). Design Savy’s fashion photography services are always in style!

Location Photography
We go on location, wherever required, to capture the high-resolution pictures of your business products & services, your team of employees, commercial building exterior / interior, machinery or equipment, and merchandise.

Industrial Photography
Get the best photography shots of your industrial products. Our photographers are well-experienced in shooting various industrious, shiny, metal and plastic materials that can often be difficult for a photographer inexperienced with such products.

People Shots
Our photographers can bring out your biggest smiles. From corporate head shots, candid people shots, corporate events and more. Models can also be used to demonstrate a process or endorse products or services, if required.

Food Photography
Entice customers to buy your food products with irresistible culinary photography. From setting specialty gourmet plates with creative composition and color, to mouth-watering backgrounds, let Design Savy photographers showcase the best of your food products and gastronomic delights When it comes to mouth-watering photography — We Deliver!

Hoping to give a memorable Christmas gift to his Mom, a client asked Spicy Creatives to restore an early family photo. The original picture was scratched, bent and discolored. We scanned it, used Photoshop to digitally repair all the marks, and restored its authentic coloring.

Have people in your life you’d like to surprise with a photo they thought was damaged forever? Contact us today!

Stock Pictures
Searching for stock photography? We also have access to inexpensive stock photography houses, where we can find the perfect image for your marketing materials. Using stock photos can be a more affordable option than custom photography – especially if models and special locations are involved. And, if the composition of a stock picture isn’t quite right, or if the image doesn’t fit the desired color scheme, we can simply retouch the photo as desired.
Contact us to see how we can make stock photography work for you. Email us at to get a quote for Professional Web & Product Photography Service.