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Whether in advertising, in print or on the web. Innovative graphic design can increase the impact of your message and generate a lasting and favourable impression of your product with your customers, leading to extra phone calls and orders

Brand Identity
Brand identity starts off with a solid, recognizable, and effective logo design that is complimented by strong supporting collateral to get your business noticed. This includes business stationary, sales material, advertisements, product packaging/positioning and other marketing materials to help you get noticed. Consistency with your branding across all mediums including online building tools are crucial to building a recognizable brand for your business.

Logo Design
Too many companies make the error of misunderstanding the importance of a strategically designed logo and loose business as a result. You should understand that a logo must resonate with your target audience and convey the value of your company, products, and services. Your logo needs to be easily recognizable, be able to be used across all mediums and withstand the test of time. At Design Savy, we will make sure that potential clients are drawn to you when they see a well-conceived, innovative logo design.

Business Cards
Your business cards can make or break your business, as first impressions are everything. Our cards feature a unique custom design and are normally printed on thick card stock, which is smooth to the touch. Let us know what type of business card you are looking for and we’ll help you choose the right layout and design that will best suit your needs.

A thoughtfully designed letterhead speaks volumes about your company and makes business communications unforgettable. It reinforces your brand’s image and makes each correspondence with your customer a chance to strengthen the perception of your company’s quality.

Featuring an impressive logo and easy-to-read contact information, our envelope designs will solidify your entire communication suite from the inside out. Designed to harmonize with your business cards and letterhead, they will give an impression that leads to deeper market penetration and greater retention of customers.

Media Kits
Leave an enduring impact on your clients with unique, fully customizable design kits. You can trust Design Savy’s understanding of what makes your company stand out from the competition. We will help you create something just as dynamic and unique as your business.

As a sales tool, high quality brochures bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Additionally, our innovative graphic design ensures that every brochure or flyer we design is guided by the same passion for perfection that we pour into everything else. The result is the ability to stand out from your competitors in the crowded marketplace.

Whether a catalog of your products or an event program, a finely produced booklet can win new clients and build credibility. The graphic design team at Design Savy knows that if your business is to stand out, it must be instantly recognizable even when the logo is not visible. Our branding expertise gives us the ability to create a solution that helps you succeed.

Stay in contact with your target audience, or use it as motivation for your employees. Newsletters will gain the company respect amongst customers and colleagues, and increase brand recognition. Graphic design company Design Savy, will help you put together effective newsletters that inspire all viewers.

Communicate your message and captivate new customers with original advertising. Our staff will guide you through the process of formulating an ageless ad campaign to run in magazines, newspapers, and trade publications. A wide spectrum of styles can used, ranging from black & white to full color and from ⅛ to a full page.

Direct Mail
Impact your customers at home with a message that motivates them to use your products or services. Customers in the GTA area are among the most discerning in the world. With such stiff competition, you’ll be happy to know that your direct mail project is in the hands of a design team that ultimately understands the pressures of the marketplace and knows how best to respond.

Announce your company’s products and services with a masterfully designed postcard. They are easily one of the most cost-effective methods to reach your target audience and increase product awareness.

Banners & Posters
Striking and eye-catching banners and posters are great for promoting your products and services at trade shows, events, and on displays. The graphic design team at Design Savy produce banners and posters that build upon your brand and help your company rise above the competition.

Attract the attention of prospective clients with signage that is beautifully designed, distinctive, and easy to read at a distance. The graphic design team at Design Savy provides creative high quality design and deep knowledge of marketing principles allow us to produce signage that beckons the eye and captivates the mind.

Folders/Fact Sheets
Tell your company’s story with beautifully designed, informative fact sheets and company folders. Stand above your competition with brilliantly designed folders and fact sheets that distinguish your company with quality and unyielding attention to detail.