Small business needs it’s own mobile app.

What would you say if we told you that there are 37.3 Million mobile apps live on the leading app stores as of May 2015?

Surprised? Don’t be. The trend of having mobile apps for your business or organization has not been new. If we reflect back over the last five years, the number of mobile applications has constantly grown. The reason is obvious too. No one wants to miss an opportunity to reach the wide user base of mobile phone users. Not only the larger companies or organizations have been making mobile apps to reach their target audience. Even the smaller local businesses and institutions have got their mobile apps.

If you are still not convinced as to why does your business need its own mobile app, read on to know the most enticing reasons why you should have one.

With 48% of Smartphone users accessing different mobile apps more than ten times a day, how could you not think upon launching a mobile app for your business?

Of course, there has to be valid reasons and it is always significant to strategize around those objectives for long-term and fruitful gains. Let’s examine few of the top reasons you definitely need to have your own business app.

1. Exhibit what you’ve got

One of the foremost reasons you should have a mobile app is the convenience with which you can glass case your products and services to your customers. you might have an amazing product but it is always at stake with the customers speed with which he/she feel the need to acquire it. This is one way you could minimize the barrier between you and your customer and instigate them to instantly make the purchase. Chances of spreading the good word go up too. Don’t they?

2. Eventful engagement

Aren’t customers the sole reason your business exists? Of course they are. The development of mobile apps for your business gives you the principal advantage to mingle with your customers in real-time while having the complete knowledge regarding their respective profile and even location. So only if worked out right, you have the vital opportunity to turn those visiting customers into potential consumers and even regular ones. After all, it is one of the most convenient ways to make a purchase. Even more exciting are the coupons and free deals to incentivize them and the social sharing options to create even more awareness among them.

3. Be the magnet

Taking on the idea to incentivize them, remember that mobile ads are always an interest way of attracting your existing and potential target base to avail your free coupons and offers. A location based push notification to the nearest apparel store would never be a bad idea. Just make sure to attract them with the right timely reason to use your app and here you have them remember you for future reference too. Customers are most likely to have good memories with you if you offer them what they need while on the go and that too, creatively.

4. Gateway to earn more

There have been businesses that fear the high cost associated with the application development process and the maintenance that follows but what one needs to understand is that these are onetime costs and can always be cut down by cutting on the extra frills attached. Binding into partnerships with similar companies helps you sponge off on their success while inviting more customers towards your own self. Thereby, landing on mutual benefits and increased profits.  Moreover, you could use the various available app monetizing techniques including in-app advertising so as to increase the revenue. Remember to hire a competent application developer in this phase. Only that would ensure the achievement of your objectives well.

5. Better support and feedback

A well managed customer support is crucial to earning new referrals, and a mobile app is an incredible channel to deliver this support instantaneously and efficiently. It is always a great means to scale the customer support by introducing new channels of communication and delivering right away. As talked about earlier, with advanced app options such as location, job roles etc you could make the most of it by gathering this data and offering the incentives in accordance. This feedback definitely is worth your time for future goals.

With all these valid reasons, start looking at your smart phone as a prospect for better business solutions and efficient customer experience. Get back to us with any reasons that are still holding you back from developing a mobile app for your business and we, at Createwhiz shall be pleased to talk it out .


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